The Best Time of Year to Install a Roof

Written by Jennie Britton

There's the best time for every occasion in life. Time for marriage, time to plan your next big adventure and even the time to purchase your dream car.

Guess what? There's also the best time of the year to install a roof.

If you have decided to have your roof replaced, you may wonder if one season is better than the other when it comes to that matter. Keep reading this email as we summarize the key points of installing roofs at certain seasons of the year.

Winter: Least Popular Season

Considering the weather conditions during winter, it is reasonable that this season has a low demand for roof replacement. The lower demand translates to lower roof installation and higher availability from roofing companies.

But, note that the extreme weather condition can limit the installation of certain roof materials and prolong breaks among roof workers. Not only that, harsh elements such as sleet and ice can significantly reduce the durability of your roof.

Spring: Somewhat Popular Season

When spring is in the air, more homeowners get new roofs installed. Since the air ambience is much cooler with less humidity in the springtime, there is less risk for moisture damage on the roofs. Workers can also work more efficiently resulting in faster work progress.

On the downside, a busier season means more expensive prices. You might also need to allocate your roof installation dates to May or June to avoid excessive rain.

Summer: Unpredictable

Throughout this season, the best time to have your roof installed is early summer. The weather during this stage is just ideal for both the workers and materials with less fluctuation for extreme heat, rain and humidity.

As mentioned earlier, a busier time results in higher prices and more difficult to schedule an appointment date with your contractor. Another disadvantage to having your roof installed during the summer, especially in mid-summer heat is the risk of disturbing the integrity of materials.

Fall: Very Popular

Fall is a popular time for roof installation because of the cool and consistent weather that allows workers to work more efficiently. Shingles also tend to set and seal more effectively during this season due to the ideal air temperature.

You should be aware of the limited appointment slot during this season because of the high demand. Prices can shoot up in a blink of an eye so if you are adamant about installing your roof during the fall, you should plan months ahead.

In short, roof installation will require you to select the best season possible to meet your schedule and demand for replacement. A roof replacement may be necessary for extensive roof damage, but you can consider roof repairs before committing to a more expensive and full-on replacement.

If you need further advice on whether you really require a roof replacement, you can contact our trusted roofing company to receive a free estimate appointment and roof inspection.


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